Details About Upcoming Meetings

Details about future meetings — as they become availalble.

Nov. 9

Running Linux on Android
Speaker: Zak Zebrowski

Zak will discuss options to run Linux on android devices, chrome books and variants; running Linux in containers; examine options and show some fun techniques to access virtual instances from the Internet.

Dec. 14 updated icon


Speaker: Ren Shan

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Blockchain has been a hot topic in on social media and in the news, while encryption excites controversy. In this presentation, Ren will touch a few areas of Blockchain, explaining general concepts, working models and use cases. He will dive into its technologies, focusing mainly on enterprise level uses, consensus and working models.

Bio: Ren has been in IT industry over 20 years and is an experienced blockchain practitioner and lead. He has expertise in cloud infrastructure, IoT, and AI / machine learning. He leads blockchain R&D projects for an large IT company. His education includes an MBA from JHU and MS in Computer Science from TTU & Shanghai Jiaotong University. In his leisure time, he has been playing with the Raspberry Pi for years.

Jan. 11 updated icon

Introduction to Cryptography

Speaker: Xavier Belanger

Starting with a bit of history, Xavier will speak about the basics of cryptography, followed by a discussion of methods now used: symmetric and public-key cryptosystems, digital signatures, steganography. Real-life examples will be presented, e.g.,relating to TLS security certificates. Xavier Belanger, is a system and network administrator with 20 years of experience and holds a CISSP certification.