NoVaLUG "Infrastructure"

All Volunteer

NoVaLUG is an all volunteer, non-dues paying organization. Financial costs are borne by volunteers.

How NoVaLUG works

Volunteers organize and maintain NoVaLUG in the following ways:.

  • Conduct Monthly and informal Weekly Meetings
  • Recordings / YouTube: Meeting videos are recorded, edited and posted to NoVaLUG's YouTube channel. There are no plans to monetize the channel.
  • Web Site: novalug.org is hosted on a free tier AWS account (it moves every year to a new instance). An organizer pays for the domain name and to maintain the AWS instance and DNS service. A second volunteer maintains the web pages.
  • Virtual meetings are hosted through a Zoom account, use of which is donated.
  • NoVaLUG's mailing list is maintained by a volunteer who also donates resources.
  • Meeting Space: Organizers find locations for in-person, monthly meetings. This has led to challenges and NoVaLUG has met in many different locations in recent times. Go to the bottom of this page to see more about this.

Sponsorship: NoVaLUG is thankful to three corporate sponsors help support NoVaLUG meetings. Their support includes,

  • Meeting Space — Ridgeline (when in-person meeting are held),
  • Refreshments — SG2 Recruiting, for in person meetings, and
  • Swag — Fierce Software.

Corporate sponsors provide direct services in their own name, gaining exposure on NoVaLUG's web site, where their logos are posted for credit, and in the intro to the YouTube videos.

Our organizers' biggest "job" is to get speakers — we are ALWAYS looking for people to speak — as well as keeping the wheels turning running as smoothly as possible. Members of the community are invited, and welcome, to contribute ideas and their skills to NoVaLUG's efforts. Volunteers proposing activities, etc., will also very likely "own it,"  financial and labor costs.

A Brief History of Meeting Locations

NoVaLUG has met in many different places over the years. The map shows approximate locations. This has been necessitated by the need for rent-free accommodations. Here’s a brief list, not necessarily in the order of movement from place-to-place. A map, further down, shows approximate locations.

  • Chantilly
  • Reston
    • Library
    • Oracle
    • NoVa Labs (2 locations)
  • Tyson’s Corner
    • Palantir
    • Red Hat
    • Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
    • Ridgeline International – Edwin Bldg.
  • xcloud