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Details About Upcoming Meetings
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2020.12.12 /
William Giddings

Playing with Strings
An Introduction To The Tcl Scripting Language

Session Objectives

  • Provide a tongue-tip experience of what it's like to work with Tcl.
  • Generate interest in using Tcl/Tk for rapid implementation of task based applications.

Activities, Examine:

  • How strings can be manipulated differently by different commands.
  • How easy Tcl is to read - the natural scripting extension to C.
  • How simple it is to create advanced commands.
  • How to use namespaces.
  • How to create a real world example with Gtk+ compliant front end.

Bio — William J Giddings

  • Phd Theology, King's College London.
  • Semi-Retired: Academic Research, Translation Canonical Texts.
  • Last post: College Lecturer and Awards Body Moderator.
  • Late 1980 - 2000, Television Graphics Production and Training.
  • First 'Real Computer', 1982 ACT Sirius, aka Victor 9000.
  • Linux User since 1990s, First installation was Slackware.
  • Now using UBUNTU 20.04.1 with MATE 1.24.0.
  • Started using C to create procedurally built geometric models and animation scripts for 3D animation systems (Spaceward Matisse).
  • Long time interest in Computational Linguistics.
  • Built first translation engine on an Amiga 1200, early 1990s.
  • Develop tools using C, Tcl and Gtk+.
2021.01.09 /
Chris Ellis

Intro to PostgreSQL & Beyond

PostgreSQL has a long history of innovation, extensibility and adaptability has allowed it to offer a wide array of features, making it a truly general purpose database. The discussion will include:

  • An all round introduction to PostgreSQL, what it is and what you can do with it.
  • PostgreSQL as much more than most developer's perceptions of an SQL92 database.
  • Features:
    • Document storage
    • geo-spatial data and through time-series (just a few of its applications).
  • How to use these technologies and how to combine them to very powerful advantage.
  • The ability to mix and match features to provide an advantage to your applications.
  • Demonstrating why PostgreSQL should be everyone's primary data-store of choice.

The talk is aimed for a wide audience and include,

  1. How to setup PostgreSQL
    • Basic installation
    • Perf tuning gotchas
  2. Replication / clustering
    • Streaming rep
    • Logical rep
    • Clustering approaches and options
  3. NoSQL with SQL
    • JSON / JSONB
    • FTS
  4. Extensions
    • GIS
    • Timescale
  5. Advanced SQL
    • Window functions
    • Table partitioning
    • Functions and procedures

About the Speaker

Chris is a computing and electronics geek, who loves working with Open Source software. He is an independent consultant, with over 15 years of experience of PostgreSQL. He currently works on some interesting cloud applications and previously worked with PostgreSQL on IoT and smart energy insights. He runs the Bergamot Monitoring project.

2021.02.13 /
Hosted by
John Kennedy

Job Hunting Seminar

Several recruiters will be presenting.