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2020.12.12 /
John Kennedy &
William Giddings

Playing with Strings: An Introduction To The Tcl Scripting Language

Session Objectives

  • Provide a tongue-tip experience of what it's like to work with Tcl.
  • Generate interest in using Tcl/Tk for rapid implementation of task based applications.

Activities, Examine:

  • How strings can be manipulated differently by different commands.
  • How easy Tcl is to read - the natural scripting extension to C.
  • How simple it is to create advanced commands.
  • How to use namespaces.
  • How to create a real world example with Gtk+ compliant front end.

Bio — William J Giddings

  • Phd Theology, King's College London.
  • Semi-Retired: Academic Research, Translation Canonical Texts.
  • Last post: College Lecturer and Awards Body Moderator.
  • Late 1980 - 2000, Television Graphics Production and Training.
  • First 'Real Computer', 1982 ACT Sirius, aka Victor 9000.
  • Linux User since 1990s, First installation was Slackware.
  • Now using UBUNTU 20.04.1 with MATE 1.24.0.
  • Started using C to create procedurally built geometric models and animation scripts for 3D animation systems (Spaceward Matisse).
  • Long time interest in Computational Linguistics.
  • Built first translation engine on an Amiga 1200, early 1990s.
  • Develop tools using C, Tcl and Gtk+.