Details About Upcoming Meetings

(as they become availalble)

  ALERT: until further notice, meetings will be conducted via teleconference.

Details about connecting to the video conference will be posted on NoVaLUG's Meetup site.. Please RSVP on the site in advance to get an invitation to the meeting, to be e-mailed just before the meeting.

New attendees may wish to familiarize themselves with ZOOM before the meeting by going to ZOOM video teleconferencing.

Register for virtual meetings on Meetup. Provide first and last names. A link and password for the meeting, to be conducted virtually via Zoom, will be emailed to those who have RSVP'ed about one hour before the meeting. Do not wait until the last minute: become familiar with Zoom before the meeting. Tutorials, Zoom Client downloads, and other Resources are available on Zoom's site.

Go to NoVaLUG's Meetup site for more info on virtual attendance via Google Meet.

  1. Please RSVP, with a "no," if you will not attend to open spaces and stay within Zoom's ceiling on participation.
  2. On the morning of the meeting, an email with info on Joining the video teleconference (meeting ID / password), will be sent to those who have RVSP'ed, ~9:00.
  3. Wait Listed individuals will recieve an email, if space opens up, ~9:55, with info on Joining.
  4. Consider configuring ZOOM before the meeting to be ready to go. Apps are available for serveral platforms, e.g., in Ubuntu's software center, for Droids, etc.

Please check back for details about future meetings

july 11

Terraform (& much more)

Speaker: Tameika Reed

NoVaLUG and the Shropshire LUG are again teaming up to presednt Terraform and a demo of a DevSecOps pipeline. Comparisons will be made to ansible, chef, salt, cloud formation, and puppet. For those considering certification, there will be info on how to prepare. Info on how to integrate Terraform into cloud strategy and the benefits thereof. Hash products such as from Vault, Sentinel, and Consul will be explored.

Topics will include,

  1. What is terraform
  2. How to prepare for the terraform exam?
  3. What is Terraform Cloud and does this work in a DevSecOps pipeline?
  4. What is are the differences in .12.28 to .13 version of terraform.
  5. Demo: Packer, Ansible, Terratest, and Terraform.

August 8

Using Open Source to Ceate Podcasts

Hosts: John Kennedy & Mark Caldwell

All the software you need to locally record and produce a podcast is open source and available for your Linux machine. And if you have something to say (who doesn't?) you have at your fingertips the ability to produce professional quality audio to get the word out. Mark Walker will describe and demonstrate how to leverage the same open source tools some audio professionals use for their products.

A joint presentation by NoVaLUG and the Shropshire LUG.

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