This virtual presentation was by Dr. Heather Lomond and John Alexander of the Shropshire LUG. Heather was on her Shropshire farm while John was in Telford.


Overview - Heather went first.

What the device was made of.

Attendees still online during the post presentation discussion.

Some parts of the contraption.

John Alexander presented after Heather.

There were many slides and live demos of data streams from the equipment used in the experiments.

The container with all the parts, including a Raspberry Pi, GPS, radios to transmit data, etc.

A test flight was conducted during a hot air balloon fest — this image was shot with the onboard camera.

The device reached a height of ~25 km. The apparent curvature of the earth is an artifact due to barrel distortion of the camera lens.

OMG: where did this guy come from?