Presenter(s): Docker Captains Michael Irwin, Phil Fenstermacher

Containers enable quick installation of new applications and scaling of existing apps. Then comes exposing them to users, load balancing across replicas — even at home. Reverse proxies are a great at exposing services, terminating SSL, and modify traffic during a request. Traefik is a popular reverse proxy for exposing containers because of its flexibility, as a load balancers, and its but ability to with Docker, Kubernetes, Let's Encrypt, and more.

We will demonstrate the whys and hows of running Traefik at home and in an enterprise. To follow along with demos:

  • Pre-install Docker, including docker-compose.
  • Expose port 443 to the internet too to use Let's Encrypt.

Traefik works on ARM so it works well on a Raspberry Pi. Knowledge of containers will help, but isn't necessary — we'll review the important stuff as we go.

Michael and Phil are Docker Captains from Virginia Tech.