Sponsored by Shropshire Linux Group (SLUG)

Hosted by John Kennedy & Great Britain's John Alexander

Andy will spaek onr the design and installation of renewable energy at his home in South Shropshire. Beginning with overall energy requirements for power and space heating, the talk will cover the design and implementation, followed by a discussion of how well everything works.

Issues identified during implementation and predicted performance led to some re-engineering. As demand changed, an EV was purchased. The talk will cover these changes and issues which arose.

In sum, it is possible to run 100% solar power with a small generator boost at the end of December at a reasonable cost. However, implementers need to really understand needs and design accordingly. Andy will describe key requirements and design features required for a successful project. Andy About Andy

"As a child I used to rip apart anything electrical to see how it worked and on occasion even put it back together afterwards. Became a licensed radio amateur at the age of 16 and worked designing PMR radios and infrastructure since the early 1980s. Involved public safety network design and operations for various organisations for around 20 years.

"First played with Linux in 1995 (Slackware 0.98 kernel). Managed the ongoing Linuxbierwanderung mailing list since 1998. Linux has been my daily driver since about 2000.

"I developed a strong interest in the decarbonisation of energy over the last decade and now live off grid (100% solar) in South Shropshire.

"I recently got back into embedded design after a gap of about 20 years and am really enjoying the rediscovering those skills."

Presenter(s): Andy Fletcher