Pictures from Meetings, etc.

Science Experiments with Weather Balloons & Raspberry Pi

This virtual presentation was by Dr. Heather Lomond and John Alexander of the Shropshire LUG. Heather was on her Shropshire farm while John was in Telford.

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Intro to Python by Petr Viktorin, via telecon from the Czech Republic

NoVaLUG met virtually via teleconference

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Introduction to Linux

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Mark videos while . . .

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Past Leaders

Past NoVaLUG Leadership

Mark Fearer | Peter Larsen | John Kennedy

Mark and John recently stepped up to assume leadership of NoVaLUG after many years of exemplary service by Greg Pryzby. Peter has performed many sevices for the LUG over a period of several years. Mark resigned from his co-leadership role in the summer of 2019. Luggers are grateful for his service, especially for his tireless creation of videos of meetings, including live feeds.

Photos from the Sky

NoVaLUG meetings cover diverse topics. Zak Zebrowski made a presentation on his efforts to take aerial pictures using a Raspberry Pi linked to a camera, hanging from a kite. He also advised about local / DC rules relating to drones in restricted areas (think Whitehouse). More info is on Zak's web page.