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2022.04.09 Babashka and Clojure Rahul De Slides (PDF / 700 kB) Video
2022.03.12 Using Linux File Access Policy Daemon (fapolicyd) / Security Enhancements Derek Thurston Slides (PDF 544kB) Video
2022.02.12 Introduction to Database Forensics Zachary Zebrowski Chat Transcript (.txt)
Slides (PDF 780 kB)
22.01.08 "Theater" Silent
2021.12.11 Making Hardware Work (With Linux)
Sponsor: Shropshire (UK) LUG
John Alexander Video
2021.11.13 NO MEETING — Presentation Rescheduled to Dec 11
2021.10.09 Intro to Mastodon & the Fediverse Video
2021.09.30 Going Off Grid —
A Practical Guide
Sponsor: Shropshire (UK) LUG
Andy Fletcher Video
2021.09.11 Linux Q&As John Kennedy No Media
2021.08.12 Decoding Radio Signals w/ an SDR on a Raspberry Pi heli.penguin Rich Lucente Detailed Speaker Notes
Slides (PDf / 2.4 Mb)
2021.07.12 The GIMP   heli.penguin Roger Broseus Slides  (.odp format, 44 Mb)
Slides  (.pdf format, 37 Mb
2021.06.12 Lightening Talks — Rasp Pi heli.penguin John Kennedy, et. al. No Media Available
2021.05.27 CentOS Is Not Dead Peter Larsen heli.penguin Slides PDF 5.3 Mb) Video
2021.05.08 Getting started with Traefik Container Edge Router / Reverse Proxy Docker Captains Michael Irwin
Phil Fenstermacher
No Media Available
2021.04.29 Reverse Engineering Example — Migrate & Re-engineer Closed Source Solutions Sponsor: Shropshire (UK) LUG Heather Lomond Slides  (PDF) Video
2021.04.28 The Rocky Linux Project
Sponsor: Wolverton (UK) LUG
Greg Kurtzer &
R. Leigh Hennig
Note: Presentation begins after ~ 1 hr of socializing Video
2021.04.10 Introduction to the Enterprise Kubernetes Container Platform — OpenShift Peter Larsen heli.penguin Slides PDF
Learning Portal
Background — Intro to Containers, 2010.03.13
2021.04.08 Home Automation
Sponsor: Shropshire (UK) LUG
Alistair Swaffer heli.penguin Video
2021.03.17 Password Cracking With A GPU — Why Complexity Matters
Sponsor: Wolverton (UK) LUG
Adam Sweet heli.penguin Slides PDF Video
2021.03.13 Getting Started w/ Linux Containers heli.penguin Peter Larsen heli.penguin Chat transcript (.txt)
Slides (pdf, 5.6 Mb)
Learning Portal
2021.02.25 Building A Server For / By A "Noob!" International/virtual meeting w/ Shropshire LUG Nick Cook
Slides (.odp)
Slides (pdf)
2021.02.13 Job Hunting Seminar John Kennedy
Suzie Grieco
Brandon Trimble
Adam Avitabile
Intro - John's Slides pdf Video
2021.01.09 Intro to PostgreSQL & Beyond
International/virtual meeting w/ Shropshire LUG
Chris Ellis
of Intrbiz
Slides (pdf, 3.2 Mb) Video
2020.12.12 Playing with Strings: An Introduction To The Tcl Scripting Language William Giddings Not Available Video
2020.11.26 PostgreSQL for IoT (Subtitle)
International/virtual meeting w/ Shropshire LUG
Chris Ellis
of Intrbiz
Slides (pdf, 8.3 Mb) Video
2020.11.14 Video Recording & Editing of Web Sessions Mark Walker Slides (pdf, 56 Mb) Video
2020.10.29 Forth Programming Language Carsten Strotmann Not Available Video
2020.10.10 Science Experiments with Weather Balloons & Raspberry Pi
International/virtual meeting w/ Shropshire LUG
Heather Lomond*
John Alexander**
From: *Heather's farm  **Telford
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Heather's Slides (pdf)
2020.09.12 Nix & NixOS
The "next-gen" Linux distro
Carsten Strotmann Slides | Tutorial
Strotmann — Github
2020.08.08 Open Source Creation of Podcasts
An international, virtual, inter-LUG meeting
Mark Walker Slides
Voice Over Linux (eBook)
Not Available
2020.07.11 Terraform (& much more) Tameika Reed Not Available Video
2020.06.25 Intro: Docker & Docker Compose — An international, virtual, inter-LUG meeting Bret Fisher, Docker Capt. Chat Transcript
   .odt  |   pdf
2020.06.13 Intro to Python
Teleconference Meeting from Czech Rep.
Petr Viktorin No slides — see video Video
2020.05 An Intro to Salt
Teleconference Meeting
Nick Vissari
with Nick Hughes
Slides & Lab github Video
2020.04.30 Bergamot MonitoringAn international, virtual, inter-LUG presentation Chris Ellis Slides
Resources — including online demo
2020.04 42 Years of vi
Teleconference Meeting
Sam Chessman Slides (in Sam's presentation library)
Chat Transcript
   .odt   |   pdf
2020.03 No Meeting
2020.02 Intro to Rundeck
Teleconference Meeting
Damon Edwards See additional links below video. Video
2020.01 Introduction to Cryptography Xavier Belanger Slides (pdf / 3 MB)
More — refs, places
2019.12 Blockchain Ren Shan Slides Video
2019.11 Running Linux on Android — Termux, etc. Zak Zebrowski Slides pdf  or  pptx format Video
Mdp — Presentations from the command line John Kennedy Slides  / Updates (work in progress) Video
2019.10 Data Analysis using UNIX tools (No video) Rahul Kumar Capital Bike Share Data Analysis
Air Quality Data Analysis
Analyzing Capital Bikeshare Usage Data
2019.09 Block Chain & Mangoes Sufian Alkhaldi Not Available
2019.08 AI and Machine Learning Mahmuda Liza Slides (Google Docs) Video
(advance to 2:45)
2019.07 Intro to Git / GitHub / GitLab — Details John Kennedy Slides (pdf, 1 MB) Video
2019.06An Introduction to Linux — from getting started to finding new & better tools. Peter Larsen Slides (pdf, 5 MB) Video
2019.05Three Short talks: Pi Hole / Fish Shell / Trafik Edge Router w/ DockerJohn Kennedy / Andy Newton Fish presentationVideo
2019.04Sharing America's Code: Code.govJoe Castle, Amin Mehr, Ricardo Reyes Summary of Presentation (web page)Video
2019.03Gravitational TeleportHunter MadisonVideo
2019.02Running AudioPiSam ChessmanVideo
2019.01Open Source Overview and ZabbixPeter LarsenSlides
2017.11 Silkscreen CMS
Installation and configuration
John Franklin Video
2017.07Kite Photography with the Raspberry PiZak Zebrowski More Video
2017.06 DNS: Name Resolution and
Xavier Belanger Slides (pdf) Video
2016.12 Docker for Everyone Doug Toppin Slides Video
2016.06 EFI and GPT Multi-boot Practices Brian Smith Video
2016.05 CJDNS - IP6 Mesh VPN Stuart Gathman Slides for Stuart's lecture and addition references — download here [.tar.gz] Video
2016.03 Red Hat Satellite and FreeIPA and Audacity Tom Video
2015.12 Easy Partitioning/Volumes w/ RHEL7 Installer — LVM / RAID5 Video
2015.02 Logical Volumes and How to Use Them Peter Larsen Video
2014.10 Docker: What Is It and Why Do I Care? Dave Kline Video
2014.05 Cross Compiling, Emulation and Virtualization Eric Johnson Video
2013.12 Photographs & Linux Roger Broseus Slides | w/ speaker's notes (large - 30 MB) Video
2008.05 Introducing Linux In A Developing Country — El Salvador Roger Broseus Slides
Peter Larsen's collection of video of presentations at NoVaLUG mtgs.Multiple Video Index

*Selected for interest and/or popularity of videos.

Updated 2020.10.18 to add links to slides and additional references supplied by Stuart Gathman

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